Sports Nutrition

This sports nutrition coaching package is for gym enthusiasts, varsity, college & professional athletes. Optimize your athletic performance, and improve stamina and fitness.

Featured Experience Relating to Sports Nutrition

Provided nutrition lectures to nationally ranked collegiate athletic tennis teams

Counseled elite track/field Wake Forest University athletes

Counseled multiple top USTA tennis players

Step 1: Initial Consultation

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During this initial consultation, Irina Belfer-Lehat, R.D. will interview you and review your lifestyle, diet, family history, activity level, and medical history. You will have Irina’s full attention to ensure a clear and easy to follow plan to reach your goals!

45min via telehealth l $100.00

Step 2: Athletic Optimization through Nutrition

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Irina provides a comprehensive evaluation, detailed analysis of Micro and Macro nutrient requirements, sample meal plans for before, during, and after an athletic event: loading, maintaining, and recovery meals, as well as supplement recommendations.

60min via telehealth l $200.00

30 Minutes Follow Up

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During each 30 minute phone follow up, Irina will break down the unique needs of each client, providing tips and recommendations for a specific athletic event (i.e. quick loading and recovery meal ideas for a tennis match). These follow ups will ensure your success in her program, and will give you a strong nutritional foundationto continue to improve your performance.

30min via telehealth l $60.00

Irina has been a lifesaver! After many years of battling pregnancy weight, she helped me create a truly doable and effective plan to shed it. Her personalized and though-through eating plan, along with her ongoing support and input, has made all the difference! She establishes a plan that you can stick to for a lifetime, so you can stay healthy and trim long after you have hit your goal weight. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to develop a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, while looking their best!

-P.S., Client

I've had a lot of success and I'm very happy with her as my nutritionist. She is very flexible with her time which works with my busy school schedule and always responds to texts and emails when needed. Her meal plans are also adaptable and have been sometimes altered to fit that schedule, which allows me to feel relaxed throughout my day with a steady plan. Overall she is a delight to talk to and a great nutritionist that has helped me achieve and withhold my health and weight goal.


With Irina's knowledge about nutrition, her friendliness, and her warmness towards others, she has the ability to influence your life in the most positive way. If you want to make a change in your lifestyle, Irina is the one to go to. Irina is a unique dietician and nutritionist because she never tells you what to do. Instead, Irin a suggests strategies and nutritional plans that work with your priorities and passions!

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