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Eating out guide

October 29, 2017  @ 12-12:15pm

No more feeling guilty going out!
Workshop is perfect for couples and teens!

Eating out is the number one cause of weight gain and high cholesterol. This work-shop will review menus from the most popular restaurants and help you to make a healthier selection next time you’re out! Antonino’s, Steak house, Sushi Palace, Cipollini, Colbeh, Deli on the Green and many more…

Come and learn how confidently and wisely eat out without gaining unwanted weight!


COST: $30.00 per person or $50.00 for family!


Begins Sunday, October 29
Eating out guide
Cost: $30.00

Nutrition Classes For Kids

Nutrition classes for kids! Great for a small group of friends! Perfect for a birthday get together! 

 I Will Come to You! ( local synagogue, day care, school, house)

Food Groups

Portion Control

Food Labels

Smoothie Preparation

Snack/Lunch Ideas for School

Creative and healthy approach that every mom will love and approve!

Call to schedule your group time

90 minutes class $40

*Add Supermarket Tour for $25

Begins Sunday, October 29
Nutrition Classes for Kids
Cost: $40.00

K-12th Grades: Nutrition Workshops

Three Classes for $100 

Small groups of kids, age appropriate  topics: 

*Peer Pressure for being “THIN”

*Healthy Eating

*Eating Out Guide

*Portion Control

*Healthy Recipes and Ideas

*Making Healthy Choices in School, Friend’s House or Restaurants

*Preparing Healthy Lunches and Snacks For School

*Controlling Appetite Naturally

*Supermarket Tour

Begins Sunday, October 29
Nutrition Workshops
Cost: $100 per 5 classes

Lecture: Tennis Diet and Hydration

Fall 2017:  Available at your club for your team! 
Tennis & hydration before, during and after a match…
Tennis is a kind of sport that involves intense physical activity, it is the type of sport that goes on for hours until the final point is won. The only thing a player can control however, is being nutritionally prepared.
Join me and learn how to properly fuel, hydrate and prepare for your match! $20 per player includes one hr presentation, popular electrolytes samples, and snack ideas.  


Begins Sunday, October 29
Tennis & Hydration
Cost: $20.00

The freshman 15: how to avoid gaining weight when you go to college

The freshman 15: how to avoid gaining weight when you go to college

November 25th,  2017 @ 11-12:15pm

College offers many temptations: all you can eat dining halls, greasy french fries, unlimited ice cream, an indulgence of sugary pastries, salty snacks, and late night stress eating.

1/4 college freshmen gain about 10 pounds in their first semester. This does not to be true in your case! Come and learn how to manage your eating habits away from home!

Begins Sunday, November 26
The freshman 15: how to avoid gaining weight when you go to college
Cost: $30.00