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What Do Athletes Eat For Breakfast


Everyone knows that a proper diet can improve your performance and help you recover quickly for your next workout. However, not everyone has the time to always do the right thing.

A number of athletes do at least one thing right when it comes to nutrition: Breakfast! Eating breakfast consistently will make you feel more energized and less tired.

So who eats what and what should you eat?

According to Shape Magazine, “Venus Williams starts her day with oatmeal, whole wheat toast and freshly-squeezed orange juice.”

Maria Sharapova tells Shape that nutrition and hydration are the keys to staying energized as her favorite breakfast consists of an egg white omelet, some oatmeal, berries and sometimes, a smoothie.

A great breakfast should consist of all of the food groups: A serving of a complex carbohydrate, protein, low-fat dairy, a fruit and a vegetable. If it seems like an impossible task, here are some easy tips and ideas:

►Half-cup of Irish Steel oatmeal (prepare your oatmeal the night before)
►One boiled egg with cucumber
►Half-cup of fresh berries
►One glass of low-fat milk or kefir

Don’t have time to sit and eat? No problem. Make a smoothie for the road. The key is to include more than four ingredients:

►One cup of almond milk
►Half-cup of berries
►Half-cup of kale leaves
►Half of a banana
►One tablespoon of peanut butter
►One tablespoon of flax seeds
►One tablespoon of chia seeds

This smoothie will provide you with the perfect nutrients and ideal energy to start your day.


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