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“Irina has been a lifesaver! After many years of battling pregnancy weight, she helped me create a truly doable and effective plan to shed it. Her personalized and though-through eating plan, along with her ongoing support and input, has made all the difference! She establishes a plan that you can stick to for a lifetime, so you can stay healthy and trim long after you have hit your goal weight. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to develop a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, while looking their best!” P-Client

“I never had to lose more than a couple of pounds- so a few months ago, when I found out I had gained more than a few, I didn’t know how to lose it. I tried starving myself for a few days and what I lost came right back the minute I ate a meal.
In desperation I looked online for a nutritionist and found Irina. This was the best thing that could have happened!
Irina took me off the starvation treadmill, where you starve and lose and then gain it back. We went over my food preferences and she worked within the limits of what I will and won’t eat, to create a meal plan for me. I ate three really great meals a day and a snack at night and in a few weeks, my weight dropped to exactly where I want it. This was easy as I was actually eating more than before.
I am difficult – I don’t eat meat or poultry and have a lot of dislikes and Irina worked with this so that each meal is what I love to eat. More than this, she taught me how to do this for a lifetime as I didn’t really know as much as I thought I did. She also stopped me from going too far , which I was going to do. I would have lost more but she stopped me by teaching and showing me that I am thin now, and more weight loss would be unhealthy.
If you want to lose, keep it off, and have a healthy eating plan for life, Irina is the one to call. I worked with Irina over the phone for weekly conferences and I kept track of my weight to report it to her, and she was always available to talk if I needed help, or to answer an email with my questions. You can’t go wrong with this wonderful woman.” A.M.- Client

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Irina…
she will be a valuable addition in any capacity regarding the field of nutrition. She continually strives to be well-informed and keeps herself updated on all new developments regarding Nutrition and Community Health Care.”

—Barbara Putre RD, MA, CDN, Visting Nurse Services of NY


Tip Of The Day

Set S.M.A.R.T. goal-Make sure your goals are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based.

Instead of just saying “I’m going on a diet”, come up with a plan, set your goals week by week. Let your nutritionist help you to achieve your 2018 goals!

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